Commercialisation Lab

Commercialisation Lab

Process and Analytical Development

eXmoor offers a range of process and analytical development services targeted at improving the commercialisation of cell and gene therapy products.

We offer a structured technology transfer process to identify areas for process development and apply risk-based and design-of-experiment (DoE) tools to help prioritise and structure experimental work.

Services range from establishment of research grade cell banks, adherent and suspension-based cell culture, cell selection (enrichment/depletion using magnetic or elutriation techniques), media screening and selection, bioreactor process development, harvest optimisation, all forms of bench scale downstream processing including batch chromatography, cross-flow, dead-end filtration and cryopreservation.

We have extensive analytical capabilities to qualify and run a wide range of assays including qPCR, HPLC, metabolite analysis, automated cell counting and cell cycle analysis, various fluorescent and luminescent plate-based assays and finally flow cytometry and cell imaging through partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE).

The link between our Consultancy and the Lab ensures that in all our projects we keep focussed on the end game of a commercially viable, manufacturable process.

Technology Development

  • Struggling to find GMP equipment to manufacture your unique atmp (advanced therapy medicinal product)?
  • Want to develop IP to protect your novel manufacturing process?
  • Uncertain how to modify your R&D process to comply with GMP?

As a team of engineers and scientists, we understand ATMPs and GMP.  With our experience in the field, our network of specialist providers and our UK based laboratory and workshop we can help with:

  • Defining your requirements (strategically and tactically, technically and commercially)
  • 3D designing and printing potential solutions
  • Prototyping
  • Testing with your cells
  • Organising your GMP supply chain
  • GMP audits and compliance
  • Project management.

Maybe you need to: develop a new process, trial new equipment or analytics, combine unit operations, close couple to avoid losses, automate, close, scale out or scale up.