User Requirement Brief and Concept Designs

User Requirement Brief and Concept Designs

Our clients want to manufacture life-changing products and harness the very latest in science breakthroughs for the benefit of mankind. To do this they must have access to the right facilities. When the build or buy decision has been made in favour of a capital project expansion, eXmoor helps to plan and realise the critical early phases:

  • URB (User Requirement Brief)
  • Site selection
  • Concept Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • 3D visualisations
  • Contractor Selection.

 URB (User Requirement Brief)

The URB is the foundation document for the whole capital project, a document our clients come back to time and again. We bring together the key stakeholders to challenge and understand from them what the facility is required to do. This includes the overall business objectives as well as the high level business need (basis of the business case) and the technical need (number, size, variability of products/processes to deliver the business case).

We then develop this into a technical solution which describes the number and type of rooms required to deliver the technical need for manufacturing, R&D, GMP and non GMP support, plant and utilities and admin. The URB is signed off by all key stakeholders and is used at multiple points in the project to ensure that, from design to realisation, your facility delivers.

Site Selection

We quickly gather/develop a facility/site requirements brief (FRB) which is sent to landlords and real estate agents as a description of the type of building/site required.

The FRB includes: project background, building/site purpose, occupancy requirements, geographical search locations, process requirements, accommodation schedule, travel/logistics requirements, building form, physical space requirements and size including expansion, building section and ceiling void requirements, building utilities, floor loading, regulatory requirements, commercial requirements and constraint. This demonstrates serious intent to potential real estate agents or landlords, quickly allows us to rule in and rule out options which in turn supports successful negotiations.

Concept Design

The concept design is the design solution to the URB and is the first time you see your facility on paper with process designs and architectural plans/sections/elevations. With our knowledge, experience and structured process, we believe we do this better than anyone else. Working together we make sure we have found the best design option to deliver your URB.

We deliver a robust and appropriate technical package alongside an associated capital cost estimate,  execution strategy and plan in order to achieve: internal sanction, initial discussions with the Competent Authority and an invitation to bid for detailed design and build  contractors. We have worked on greenfield, retrofit, NHS, charity-funded, privately-funded and first-of-its-kind facilities at all scales and using a range of biomanufacturing technologies.

Feasibility Studies

If you’re not ready to commit to a concept design but want a quick understanding of what your facility might consist of, look like and cost, let us carry out a feasibility study for you. This can take as little as two weeks and result in professional and visual outputs suitable to present at board level.

3D Visualisations

Process architecture layouts and 3D visualisations help board members to visualise what their investment will look like and aid users to envisage their operations. We design in 3D using REVIT and have modelled all commonly used process equipment to make the resulting 3D model photo-real.

Example 3D visualisation:

Click here for more information on computer generation of the CRMI Hong Kong stem cell facility.

Contractor Selection

In the UK we have experience of working with most of the detailed design and build companies and have a robust assessment process to select the most appropriate organisation for the work and then importantly identify and mitigate any shortfalls.