Azizah Islam

Azizah Islam


Trainee Consultant

“I am incredibly fortunate to be working for a company like eXmoor with its incredible team especially at this pinnacle time where the scope of cell and gene therapies is better defined. I cannot wait to see how the future unfolds in this exciting field.”

Azizah recently graduated from the University College London with a MSc in Manufacture and Commercialisation of stem cells and gene therapies. After her studies, she joined eXmoor Pharma in the trainee consult.

As part of her wider role, Azizah supports business development activities. This includes carrying out active market research on products, technology, upcoming therapy developers and the current and future direction of the cell and gene therapy industry.

In her spare time, Azizah loves working out, she especially enjoys hotpod yoga! After a long day at work, Azizah also loves curling into bed with a tea and a nice book after a long day at work.