Ester Mahendran

Ester Mahendran

BSc (Hons)

Trainee BioProcess Scientist

“The team at eXmoor consists of friendly, intelligent and ambitious individuals who are always setting themselves goals to reach maximum potential. I feel blessed to be part of a thriving company!”

Ester’s passion has always been within the field of therapeutics and being able to bring about breakthroughs in this area.

Ester has extensive experience with western blotting, as well as various purification methods including Ultracentrifugation and PEG precipitation which she was fortunate enough to pick-up during her internship in Malaysia. Ester studied these methods to expand her knowledge in utilising the ability of cells to produce cellular particles that held functions which could bring an advancement in the therapeutic industry and eventually aiding patients with life threating illnesses.

Outside of work Ester enjoys travelling and hopes to visit more places in the future – especially the rest Asia. She is also an avid drawer and thoroughly loves creating art in her spare time.