George Willis

George Willis

Trainee Bioprocess Scientist

“I love being part of a team that works towards developing new medicines and therapies for patients around the world. eXmoor have given me the platform to learn and develop in such a diverse, knowledgeable and friendly team.”

George studied BSc Biochemistry at the University of Liverpool. He undertook various modules such as genes, proteins, biotechnology, and cell signalling. In his final year, George used a new type of chromatography to research if more unstable modifications on proteins can be better detected and further researched relating to disease.

The highlight of his degree was his final year project, the ‘Evaluation of electrostatic repulsion-hydrophilic interaction chromatography (ERLIC) for the enrichment of non-canonical phosphopeptides.’ George enjoyed being in the lab environment and working with mass spectrometry as a method for analysis.

When George completes his training, he hopes to specialise in qPCR, ddPCR, ELISA/Ella for the analysis of products looking at high-throughput methods and optimizing assays.

Outside of work, George loves to travel. His favourite place he’s visited is Gambia, where he helped a team of volunteers build a well for a local farmer. His highlights from his time there include being able to support the local people and seeing the development of the farm after two visits.

George also has a love for animals. He has a range of pets from cats to dogs to reptiles – a bearded dragon.