Jack Beattie

Jack Beattie

MSc, CBiol, MRSB

GMP Compliance Consultant & QP

“The team at eXmoor are really friendly, supportive and driven to produce the best results. It is a really great opportunity to work in a company at the forefront of cell and gene therapies.”

Jack is an EU Qualified Person and a trained Lead Auditor. Throughout the years he has gained wide-ranging experience working in different sectors across the UK and Sweden. He has worked as a case reporting officer, expert witness and GMDP inspector for leading clinical research organisations, cell and gene therapy companies and manufacturing companies.

In his free time Jack loves spending time with his family; he has three children and a sausage dog called Ronnie. He also enjoys football, computer games, music, reading and going to the cinema. On top of that he’s a big fan of traveling and has visited approximately 35 countries.