Philips Adelakun

Philips Adelakun

Bioprocess Scientist

“eXmoor facilitates the growth of the cell and gene therapy industry, where therapies often act as a lifeline or increase many patients’ quality of life. The eXmoor team are friendly, passionate and take pride in the work that they do. I look forward to utilising and developing my bioprocess knowledge to aid this essential and fulfilling work.”

Philips has an undergraduate degree in biomedical science and in September 2021, he completed his Master of Science in healthcare technology. His research project focused on process analytical technology for determining the structural integrity of monoclonal antibodies during their manufacture.

Philips previously worked as a healthcare scientist. Elements of his role included: working in new business, being involved with the planning of projects, writing forensic toxicology reports on hair samples tested for drug abuse and RT-PCR to test samples of COVID-19. Philips was also involved in the maintenance and organisation of all lab activities.

At eXmoor, Philips works with the downstream processing and process development team, which is focused on the purification and concentration of viral vectors particularly AAVs. This is done through a myriad of techniques such as chromatography, filtration etc. Philips will be applying the knowledge he acquired while completing his research project at university.

Philips loves playing and watching football, he supports Manchester United. He enjoys running and going to the gym. He also likes reading books, especially non-fiction, and watching Netflix.