Termeh Raji

Termeh Raji

BSc & MSc (Hons) Analytical Chemistry, PhD Bioanalytical/Biomedical Science.

Project Manager

“I am excited to join the great eXmoor team as it is entering its exciting phase of expansion. I enjoy working alongside its unique, diverse, and knowledgeable people, managing clients’ projects, and helping them grow and build their patients’ brightest future in line with the eXmoor vision.”

Termeh is an experienced project manager, managing the entire cycle of cross-functional projects from proof of concept to commercialisation (POC, pilot-scale, clinical trial, and commercial production). She has worked within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for over 14 years.

Termeh loves spending active time with her family, and their cute little Cavachon called Ami in her free time. Together they enjoy skiing, hiking, playing tennis, travelling to new destinations and trying new activities. Termeh also meditates and does Ashtanga yoga.