Emilie van der Gronden has been selected as eXmoor’s BIA LeaP candidate

The two year course supports the development and training of managers in the biopharmaceutical and cell & gene therapy industries through cross-sector learning and peer networks, helping deliver future leaders.

Emilie said:

“Applying for the BIA Leadership Programme makes me very excited because I am passionate about working in this industry, bringing vital and innovative new medicines, like cell and gene therapies, to patients who really need them.

Leadership within our sector is key to ensure we are driving the industry forward – this programme would provide me with both an exciting platform to develop my leadership and network whilst also facilitating eXmoor in leading the industry.

eXmoor brings a lot of their work in through consultancy, through people’s network. Therefore, building invaluable relationships as a consultant analyst, with current and future industry leaders through the Leap programme will be hugely beneficial to eXmoor, to facilitate future collaborations.

This platform gives me the perfect opportunity to understand how I can support in leading both eXmoor and the industry though the growth of CGT and it provides a perfect opportunity for me to promote our business to other current and future leaders.”

Well done and good luck Emilie!