Daphné Bocciarelli

Daphné Bocciarelli

MSc in Biotechnology

USP Team Leader

“The team at eXmoor is brilliant and it’s a very stimulating environment to evolve and learn new skills in. I am delighted and proud to be a part of it.”

Daphné has experience in microbial upstream process development on a wide range of fermentation scales as well as in in-process analytics such as HPLC, flow cytometry, plate-based assays (metabolite kits, ELISA) and gel electrophoresis.  She has also worked as a senior scientist in immunoassay contract development where she developed her project technical coordination and customer management skills. Daphné has a strong passion for bioprocesses and enjoys contributing to the many advances that cell and gene therapy are bringing to the field of medicine.

When she isn’t working, Daphné loves spending time outdoors, in the water – surfing or kite surfing. She also enjoys travelling and playing for Bristol volleyball club. When she’s not outdoors,  you’ll most likely find her reading a good book with a cup of tea.