Gillian Lewis

Gillian Lewis

BSc (Hons) Microbiology, MRSB – Member of Royal Society of Biology, QP

GMP Compliance Consultant

“As a Qualified Person, I am passionate and feel privileged at being directly involved in bringing new ground-breaking therapies to the clinic and ultimately to the wider patient population.”

Gill has vast experience of both operational and capital projects, combining 15 years as CR-UK’s head of biotherapeutics development and manufacturing and a further eight years deeply involved in the licensing of projects in regenerative medicine at eXmoor.

Gill is involved in everything from evaluating technologies and manufacturing processes, assisting with process and analytical development, ensuring GMP compliance during capital projects and operational manufacturing units to assisting clients with the development and manufacturing of novel regenerative medicines and finally acting as the Qualified Person for a client, with responsibility for the release of products for use in the clinical setting.

Gill loves owning and restoring classic cars.