Spotlight: eXmoor’s Gillian Lewis announces exciting recruitment opportunities in preparation for launch of the South West’s largest GMP manufacturing facility

In 2023 eXmoor Pharma will complete the construction of its new state-of-the-art facility at Bristol’s Patchway Enterprise Park. The 6,000 square metre facility will house eXmoor’s bioprocessing laboratories, staff offices and see eXmoor’s entry into the good manufacturing practice (GMP) market.

eXmoor’s relocation to the new facility will include bringing over 150 highly skilled bioprocessing jobs into the region including a team of 20 dedicated to GMP.

eXmoor is the flagship in the creation of a much-needed bio-pharma centre of excellence in the south west. With a wealth of regional talent, eXmoor is passionate about generating opportunities for people and businesses as a world leader in the fast growth cell and gene therapy field.

Meet Gillian Lewis, Head of GMP Operations

Gillian Lewis, Associate Director: GMP Operations, is an established leader of the eXmoor team and is driving the formation of eXmoor’s GMP capability.

Before joining eXmoor, Gillian spent 15 years with Cancer Research UK, heading up their biotherapeutics development unit. During the process of moving to a purpose-built unit, Gillian became a client of eXmoor and met founder Angela Osborne.

Gillian’s experience setting up the £23m facility for Cancer Research UK and 12 years supporting eXmoor’s clients to do the same made her the ideal candidate to lead the planning and delivery of eXmoor’s own facility.

“My career at eXmoor as a consultant has provided me with a wealth of experience in assisting in the construction of this new facility for our own clients.  I am thrilled to bring my years of experience to establishing eXmoor’s own GMP facility.

“eXmoor has a strong and growing team. We offer our clients access to diverse skills in process development, consultancy and soon, GMP manufacturing.

“The new facility offers our clients the exciting opportunity to accelerate the journey of their products to the patient, supported by our expert team.”

Gillian has witnessed eXmoor’s rapid growth progress from establishing the eXmoor’s process development laboratories to the construction of the new facility, complete with GMP manufacturing capability.

Recruitment opportunities: Head of Production & GMP Production & QC Team

It is an exciting time to join eXmoor Pharma. The Head of Production role is perfect for an ambitious self-starter to shape the GMP department from ground-up within a state-of-the-art facility.

We are looking for a candidate with a mix of leadership and technical expertise across a broad range of clinical indications within ATMPs. A lead in cell therapy GMP manufacture for clinical trials with experience developing viral vector or allogeneic cell  processes suitable for GMP manufacturing.

We are also looking to recruit a small team of production and QC scientists, experienced in GMP manufacture and testing of ATMPs for clinical use

The GMP manufacturing facility will be capable of handling a wide range of cell and gene therapies as well as small scale complex biologics. The facility will cover two technical areas (Process/Analytical Development and GMP clinical phase production with associated QC), both working closely together such that processes developed in the PD/AD area will be transferred at scale to the GMP suites.

“It is a great opportunity for someone to join a vibrant team, grow within a senior role, and to shape the project from an early stage. It is an exciting time to be at eXmoor Pharma.”